East of Eden was a project coordinated by Arts Catalyst and implemented at the Sandwich Technology School in Sandwich, Britain.
The project involved the construction of two geodesic domes on the grounds of the school. Each dome houses a microenvironment for the growing of plants. One emploies strictly organic methods of growing while the other will rely on standard commercial methods. Lucy Stockton-Smith, a London-based artist working with plants and natural growing processes, is leading the effort. I worked with the students in the brainstorming and planning phase of the project, helping to design the structural and technical aspects of the domes, and also offered a workshop on solar ovens. These elements addressed the ventilation, watering, composting, and heating/cooling needs of the environments. Tony Hall and Sally Hampson have also worked on the project.

See the page regarding this project on the Arts Catalyst website.

The Lab was another project coordinated by Arts Catalyst.